Print 1, LLC established in 2016

Print 1, LLC was established in 2016 and is set out to be recognized as the leader of not only the printing industry, but a wide array of industries. Our unique printing plant results from the passion to innovate that four of Puerto Rico’s top CEOs have developed for over 30 years. With a combination of backgrounds including transportation, printing, manufacturing, and distribution, these entrepreneurs have built Print 1 to become the leading printing company in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean.

We are proud to serve different industries like: Top local and U.S. retailers, supermarket chains, the food service industry, marketing agencies, insurance companies, transportation services, news media, non for profit organizations, and education institutions.

Our mission is to provide our clients with all of their product needs while focusing on cost, high quality, timely deliveries, and excellent service.

Facilities include two delivery trucks and a 105,000 square feet warehouse located in Las Piedras, Puerto Rico.